Former education: Law-study, Aarhus Universitet 1994 – 96
The Chaos Pilot University 1996 – 97, Jensens Bureau 2006 - dtp prof 4

Business Qualifications:
Shop attendance since 1989 (clothes/shoes/bakery)
Periodic teacher of ballet (among others at Gitte Holms Danseinstitut)
Instructor oriental bellydance, FOF 2007- present
Receptionist and supporting dentist´s assistant
Occasionally modeling, both photo and
mannequin shows
Set designs for events and clubs
Office practice in Athens 2002, Office practice at Cebra in Aarhus 2005

The community of Vejle 2009, building administration, graphic work
The community of Syddjurs 2009 - present, building adminstrator

Language skills: Danish/Scandinavian, English, German, French and basic knowledge of Greek

Xenia Mastrantones: +45 2026 5812 -